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Are you concerned about the long-term health of trees on your property that have ball moss growing on them? Call the ball moss removal experts in Bulverde TX! Ball moss is a flowering plant that develops and grows on a much larger plant, including live oaks and other trees common to Metro Austin and other areas of Texas. It is not a true parasitic plant, rather an epiphyte, which acquires water and nutrients from the surrounding air, precipitation and particles built up around a tree. It does not feed off the host plant like mistletoe. When looked for, ball moss can be found on:


• Electric Wires

• Screen Doors

    • Wooden Fences


Ball Moss Removal Services Bulverde TX


Ball moss in Bulverde TX can grow fast and large on live oaks and other trees in the southwest Texas region. Unsightly ball moss can grow on dead limbs and branches of trees, but does not kill branches or whole trees. Ball moss, however, can be hazardous to the health of a tree if it becomes so large that it blocks sunlight from entering branches and the canopy. If this is the case, contact us for professional removal of ball moss, typically by pruning and cutting it away from the tree. Dead limbs and branches are a hazard, and should be removed from the tree to prevent accidents. Call us today for an estimate!


Choosing Us For Ball Moss Removal

Bulverde TX


In most cases, the plant only has to be removed once, but when humidity is high or airflow is low, more may return. You have two options when it comes to ball moss treatment in Bulverde TX: manual removal or chemical sprays. While chemicals can be effective in removing unattractive ball moss from trees, pruning and cutting methods are the best option. Pruning a tree correctly will remove 60 to 75% of the ball moss from dead and dying or broken tree limbs.


• Our fully trained tree care experts are skilled in removing ball moss from trees, leaving the trees

  undamaged and in a healthy condition.


• Improper pruning of ball moss can be harmful to your tree. In fact, unskilled tree trimming is the

  cause responsible for the decline of many trees.


• Professional pruning demolishes deadwood and opens the outer canopy to remove most ball moss

  on oak trees, and deter the growth of new plants.



Ball Moss Removal

Bulverde TX


While the ball moss is harmless, trees that are heavily infested with ball moss may be deprived of UV light, which can cause the immune system to decline making it them more susceptible to insect damage and disease. Ball moss control in Bulverde TX is not easy but it is possible with the right tools and our experts can show you how it’s done. If you notice ball moss on oak trees, you’d be wise to leave treatment to the experts. The beauty and shade that your lovely oaks provide not only increases the enjoyment of your property, but also boosts its value.


Our Ball Moss Removal Arborists

Bulverde TX


We treat, cut and remove deadwood & old branches to prevent any danger for the future. The primary goal behind ball moss removal in Bulverde TX is to restore and revitalize a tree’s health, aesthetics, and shape. We pride ourselves on maintaining a team of certified arborists and tree climbers equipped with the knowledge to prune all tree species.


Pruning or trimming smaller trees and shrubs maybe ok for you to take care of yourself but in the case of larger trees, we highly recommend calling a professional tree care company. We have decades of experience, utilize high-end safety equipment, and practice procedures continuously to minimize any liabilities that could arise.


Professional Ball Moss Removal

Bulverde TX


Professional ball moss treatment in Bulverde TX will take your oaks to new heights. Controlling ball moss on your own isn’t easy, which is why it’s important to call professionals that have the tools to get the job done right the first time. As certified arborists, we know how to safely and effectively remove the ball moss and help prevent it from coming back in the future. Simply spraying a harmful chemical on your tree will not do the job and can actually hurt the rest of the tree, which is why we carefully remove ball moss using our specialized pruning techniques.


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