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Salyers Stump Grinding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Our COMPETITIVE RATES and AVAILABILITY (in most cases it's same day service)

 make us the obvious choice for all your stump removal needs


How deep do you grind stumps?


• About eight inches is standard.

• For an additional charge, a deep grind (18 to 24 inches) can be done to allow replanting in

  the same spot.


Do I need to be home to meet or pay you?


• We can perform the work according to your specifications and mail the bill.

• If you desire, we will be happy to set up a meeting.

• If anything unexpected arises on site, we will contact you before performing any work.


How soon can you complete the work?


• Lead time depends on the season, and is typically measured in days, not weeks.

• Lead time is shortest in mid summer and late fall.

• We can usually make allowances for deadlines and emergencies. Please contact us.

• Individual stumps typically require minutes, not hours, to remove.


Will your equipment damage my lawn?


• No, our machines weigh little more than garden tractors and travel on large turf tires.

• If the ground is hard enough to walk on, it's solid enough for our equipment.

• In case of extremely wet or soft conditions, we will inspect the site before working and

  contact you with alternative suggestions.

• For some very large stumps, it is necessary to use larger equipment, in which case we will

  also contact you to discuss options.


Why grinding, as opposed to pulling stumps?


• It's much more fun to operate power equipment than a shovel and a chain.

• Grinding will not damage as much of the surrounding terrain and plantings.

• Grinding results in usable mulch.


What can I do with the mulch?


• Spread it in a garden.

• Place it around trees to control weeds and retain moisture.

• Backfill the stump hole (usually some mulch will still be left after backfilling).

• Mulch from diseased trees (such as Dutch Elm) is still usable with no danger to live plants.


How much mulch will result from grinding?


• Three to five times as large as the stump itself.

• Feel free to decide on whether to order hauling until after grinding is completed.



What can I do with the hole after stump is removed?


• Cover with at least two inches of topsoil, then seed or sod.

• Mound slightly to allow for settling. More mounding is needed for larger diameter stumps.

• Plant small shrubs or plants.

• Plant a tree if deep grind was ordered.


Will the tree grow back once the stump is ground up?


• No.

• The remaining stump and underground roots will eventually decay and change to dirt.


What about underground utilities

(phone lines, cable TV, electric lines, gas pipe, etc.)?


• If you know of lines buried near your stump, or if you are unsure, please inform us.

• We do not locate private lines, such as sprinkler systems, outdoor lighting, and gas lines to swimming pools or gas grills. Please inform us of any of these that may be near stump areas.


What about limited access or fenced yards?


• No problem. We need a path or gate only 36 inches wide through which to drive our machine.

• We need to back our machine directly to the stump.


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